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Printing Services


Event and Sponsor Signage

We at Print It understand whether you are hosting a big or a small event, we are able to create the exact elements you need to generate success and excitement with Event and Sponsor Signage. If you are having a huge outdoor concert or event that you wish to have visually represented with popping graphics and colours, or if you are looking to provide the exact right visual impact for your outdoor party, festival or fashion show, we are able to confidently undertake these projects successfully.

Print It has the expertise to make your campaign or event with custom signage event and sponsor signs.  We work closely with planners and business owners providing custom and tailor made products for any event, including Movie Premiers, Film Festivals, Tournaments and Sport Events, Media Events, Corporate Events, Red Carpet Events, Fundraisers and any kind of outdoor or indoor event that you may be hosting.

We offer digitally printed custom Banners, up to grand format sizes which can be printed on many different and durable weather resistant materials. We also have a comprehensive range of banner stands for display. Print It are able to supply custom floor graphic decals that are also digitally printed and are great for outdoor events as they can be applied to a large range of surfaces.

Our Event Backdrops create your ideal and perfect high impact backdrop especially when hosting company and sponsorship events, thereby creating an instantly high impact visual enhancement.


Posters are defined as any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface.  Print It includes posters that have both textual and graphic elements, whether it be either wholly graphical or wholly textual, our posters are designed to be both eye catching and informative. Our posters are used for many purposes, they are a frequent tool of Advertisers especially for events, concerts, or any group or company wishing to communicate a message. Print It also offers posters for the reproduction of artwork, particularly famous works, and are low-cost compared to original artwork.

Retail Signage

Retail signage has the ability to target both customers and employees with the right message at the right time, place and in the correct context.  It has the ability to adapt your message in an instant making use of digital displays providing a significantly effective communication tool in business today.


A label can be defined as a material affixed to a container or product on which is printed information about the product.  Information printed directly onto a container or article can be considered labelling. Labels have many uses and allow the provision of supplying information on a product’s origin, use, shelf-life and disposal, some of which are governed by legislation.  These may be subject to internationally recognised standards and are a prerequisite.

Full Colour Printing

Colour Printing is the reproduction of an image or text in full colour as opposed to monochrome printing.  Any natural scene or colour photograph can be optically enhanced providing a superior product finish. Print It can create or reproduce colour prints that suit your every requirement.


A decal is a material substrate that has printed on it an image or pattern that can be moved to another surface upon contact, usually aided with the use of heat or water.  We offer decals for windows, walls, corporate reception areas, in fact, any area you require within reason.  We offer design assistance ensuring your business image is perfected and enhanced. A wall decal or vinyl, is a vinyl sticker that is affixed to a wall or other smooth surfacr for decoration or informational purposes.  Wall decals are cut with our state of the art vinyl cutting machines. Most wall decals use only one colour but some may have various images printed upon them.

Decals can range from simple and small wall borders to more complex murals covering entire walls, featuring words, pictures and designs.  They can be as small or as large as you require. Decals can be used on windows, walls or tiles as branding, advertising or decoration.  They may also serve as a tool to provide information.


A banner is generally a flag, or any other piece of cloth bearing your logo, symbol, slogan or any other message you wish to convey. We cover banners for all occasions and business applications, including permanent banners and stands for educational institutions or business’ which can be placed and moved around as required, as well as changed from one campaign to the next.  It is a cost effect method eliminating expensive renovations to walls and other surfaces.


Wallpaper is used to cover and decorate home wall interiors, offices, cafes, government building, museums and other buildings.  It is sold in rolls and applied using wallpaper paste.  Wallpaper can be used as a plain lining paper which can be painted over or used to cover uneven surfaces and minor wall defects.  The techniques used include surface printing, gravure printing, silk screen printing, rotary printing and digital printing.  Patterned wallpapers are designed so that the pattern repeats without it being easy to see where the join between two pieces occurs.  

Canvas Prints

A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched or wrapped onto a frame and displayed. This form of printing is often used in interior design with stock images or customised with personal photographs.  Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of the original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. At Print It we use an inkjet print process capable of printing directly onto canvas.  For the reproduction of high quantity prints we are capable of printing onto canvas rolls by means of large format printers.

Large Format Printing

Print It offers print job and documentation management solutions for your large format applications.  We copy, print, scan and manage the electronic distribution of both colour or monochrome large format documents for both technical and graphic art applications with our complete portfolio of large format printers, plotters, copiers, finishing equipment and software.